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Veselí nad Moravou

A technical monument near the palace, built at the outset of the last century through the conversion of mills. The reconstruction was executed by Count Bedřich Chorinský. One of the mills is connected with the first beginnings of electricity generation in Veselí. On 30 December 1901, the first four lamps, supplied by a resource located in the mill, lighted up in the square. The power plant includes two fully-working water turbines of Francis type - the first one was manufactured in 1914 by the Austrian company Voit and its power is 120 kW; the other one originates from 1927 and it was manufactured by the company Bohemian-Moravian Kolben, joint-stock company, its power is 150 kW. We can find just a few plants of this unique type in Europe today.

The contemporary operation and the technical condition of the monument allow the excursions only for a limited quantity of visitors on important cultural events in the town.


*        Water Power Plant, Zámecká 13/17, Veselí nad Mor., Tel.: +420 518 322 215

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