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The exhibition represents the best works by folk craftsmen from Veselí nad Moravou and its close surroundings. Among these nearly sixty authors, we can find four awarded “Bearer of Popular Craft Tradition”, namely Hana Buchtelová, Ludmila Kočišová, Eva Minksová and František Pavlica; there are also many more producers from the Veselí region who carry on traditions of the old crafts to hand them down to the next generations. Fine embroideries by Eva Minksová, timeless woven products by Hana Buchtelová, original cornhusk dolls by Ludmila Kočišová or thatches by František Pavlica “made dutifully” are original products from the area of Veselí nad Moravou. The selection encompasses also typical Easter eggs from Vnorovy with astonishing colours and stylized patterns, typical pottery by J. Benedík that follows the best tradition of the Uprka family, original woodcuttings by the local woodcutters and complicated embroideries by members of the embroidery group from Veselí. The high-quality exhibits represent the contemporary folk craft with dignity. 

Dagmar Koudelková


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