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In Veselí nad Moravou the term nature is associated mostly with Morava River, its dead arms and Bata Canal, which offer a number of wonderful places. The dead arms of Morava River surrounding Veselí nad Moravou are the result of regulation of the Morava River stream in the first half of the 20th century. In the vicinity of the dead arms are often located wetlands in the form of small pools or floodplains that represent a perfect example of nature in this area before the human intervention.

You can find two nature trails near the dead arms of the Morava River – the former meanders. The first one – titled “Hrnčířské louky – is located in the vicinity of the dead arm of Morava River called Náklí. The trail offers an unique opportunity to observe natural processes. The other one – titled “ U Svodnice“ – The trail is situated in the town district Milokošť. Along the trail there are several wildlife corridors. Most interesting is the wildlife corridor alongside the Svodnice stream.

The Palace Park with its rare old trees, exotic woody species, interconnected lakes with islands and bridges, a fountain and a former peasantry is also a piece of nice and interesting nature. It has become a local tradition, especially for the families with little children, to feed ducks swimming near the bridge between both parts of the park.

You can go for a walk to the local meadows. There you can find the remnants of “fascine” bridges, the Struha brook, or the large lake called Šterk, a remainder after the sandy gravel extraction.

Those who wish to go hiring to higher altitudes, can go to the outskirts of Zarazice in the direction of Vnorovy, where the Lišky hill (231 m) is situated. Going uphill along the street with some wine cellars at its end and a field road, you get to a very interesting place – a hillock followed by a valley, another hillock, and another valley – everything planted with vineyards. In good visibility, you can catch sight of the Low Moravian Dale, the White Carpathians, the Chřiby Mountains, even the Pálava Hills, the Highland of Vizovice, and the Hostýn Hills.

The near hill called Radošov (244 m), situated about 5,5 km southeast of the town centre, offers a similar view. The hill was settled as early as in the prehistoric time. In the 18th century, a manor farmyard used to be here. It was destroyed during the World War II. Today, the south-west slopes of the hill are planted with vineyards. In this direction, you can find also a chapel from the mid-19th century. At the near pond, which has been built recently, you can angle and buy a snack. The place stands out in relief against the hilly landscape of the White Carpathians and it is worth visiting – either on foot or on a bike along the new cycle path. At the top of the hill is situated an observation tower.


Nature in the Veselsko region is mostly associated with the White Carpathians, which are a natural protected area with unique fauna and flora. The natural protected area spreads out across the districts of Hodonín, Uherské Hradiště and Zlín. The total area is 748 km2. The area spreads out also across the state border with Slovakia (the border follows the main comb of the mountain range) 

In 1996 was the area included into the world network of biosphere reservations UNESCO. In 2000 the area also acquired the European diploma for the integrity of the nature, landscape, architecture and folklore. The White Carpathians are characterized by vast meadows. It belongs among the most valuable meadow biotopes in Europe with a high landscape value and presence of numerous protected species and plants. We can find there more than twenty different kinds of orchids, several kinds of irises, lilies and others. There are also present more than thousand butterfly species, several spider species, beetles, reptiles, amphibians and birds. In the reserve are also located thousands of solitare oaks and bushes, which evoke the impression of an english park.


To the most valuable areas in the Veselsko region belong:

Natural protected area Čertoryje / in the vicinity of Hrubá Vrbka, Kněždub and Tvarožná Lhota 

Location: / GPS: 48°51'29.790"N, 17°24'52.192"E

Natural protected area Jazevčí / between Javorník and Nová Lhota

Location: / GPS: 48°52'16.640"N, 17°33'54.141"E

Natural protected area Porážky / near Nová Lhota

Location: / GPS: 48°53'11.182"N, 17°37'27.141"E

Natural protected area Zahrady pod Hájem / near Velká nad Veličkou

Location: / GPS: 48°53'22.759"N, 17°32'6.717"E

National nature monument Búrová / near Suchov

Location: / GPS: 48°54'4.174"N, 17°33'7.374"E


Aside above mentioned areas in the Veselsko region are also located several natural reservations, natural monuments and a natutal park Strážnické Pomoraví. The park is sutuated along the Morava river and Velička stream (NW from Strážnice). The park was declared a bird area within Natura 2000 system and an important area in the BirdLife International program.

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